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The CFR Line Group is a New Zealand HQ company with an international presence. With our offices in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, we created specific geographic coverage, connected to a global network of respected agents and accessing volume contracts with leading shipping lines.

We offer supply chain solutions to our customers. 

We also offer reliable agency services to those forwarders in the Americas, Asia and Europe, looking for a reliable partner "Down Under" and in the Pacific.

We are a passionate team. Our passion guides everything we do at CFR Line. It helps us identify the best solutions for our customers.

​Transport and logistics are complex by nature and create many challenges. To overcome these you need the ability to design innovative solutions, backed up by advanced IT systems and well trained and motivated people. That’s us. That’s CFR Line. 

Find out more about CFR Line Group, our services and systems from the video below by leading logistics software provider, Wisetech Global Ltd. 

CFR Line Videos

CFR Line Videos

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