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3rd Party Logistics

3PL services to support your business

Warehousing & Logistics


CFR Line proudly offer a modern and secure storage facility for cargo ranging from general goods to specialised products. Our Warehouse & Logistics team manage the end to end warehousing process from order picking, packing, value-added services, and coordination of outbound transportation. We employ industry leading IT solutions to support our customers e-Commerce requirements.


This service enables our customers to view their inventory in real time, place online orders and shipments. The effective management of inventory using up to date IT software enables our team to plan warehouse activities on behalf of our customers, with the goal of improving efficiency and helping their business grow. We take care of the details so that they can focus on growing their business with sales.

We have 3 separate and secure  Warehouse locations to cater for a wide variety of commodities and storage options for our clients. 



Specialized Roll Product Handling


The warehouse team at CFR has many years of specialized knowledge and experience in the handling of flooring products. From freight to storage to dispatch and delivery, our processes are tailored to suit the individual needs of our flooring clients. Our clients range from flooring retailers, manufacturers, importers to commercial clients.



We are experienced in handling roll product shipments and take the utmost care to prevent damage to the products through proper handling with the correct equipment. Our team can handle all the small detail of moving your products from origin to destination, through different transport modes.


Storage, Cutting and other Additional Services

We provide a third party storage and cutting service, allowing you to outsource the back-end hassles and high overheads of running your own warehouse. If you have your own installation team you can still utilize our unique Store and Cut service, where we will take delivery of your carpet from the manufacturer, cut it and have your installers collect it from our distribution center.


CFR utilise an advanced software system to provide detailed stock reporting on all products in storage. Our service includes:

  • Storage of carpet, timber, vinyl and underlay

  • Despatch carpet, timber, vinyl and underlay onto your installers vans

  • Provision bins for the dumping of old carpets, vinyl and underlay.

  • Stock reporting and monitoring of minimum inventory levels.


Dispatch and Delivery/Cross Dock

Our team can organize and dispatch your orders directly to your clients in a timely manner and provide stock reports at regular intervals so you are kept up to date on your stock levels. Whatever your needs, we are willing to discuss a viable and cost effective solution.



Benefits to your business

CFR Line has become the preferred logistics partner for the carpet industry. We take care of the back-end hassles, so that you can focus on what you do best – selling! Benefits to your business include:

  • Allows you to focus on your core business of selling flooring and increasing your business.

  • Reducing your back-end operating cost.

  • Reduces the hassle, expense and stress of managing additional staff

  • Allows you to grow your business without the need for additional costly warehousing.

  • Opportunity to open new retail outlets or relocate to prime shopping locations without worrying about warehousing and cutting space.

  • Improve the resale value of your business and ease of selling it, by eliminating the complexity and hassles of the back-end operation.

Carpet & Roll Products
Paper Logistics

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Paper Logistics
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