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Freight Shipping

Ocean Freight

At CFR Line we provide our customers with access to a global network with an extensive choice of routes and shipping solutions. We enjoy strategic partnerships with the world’s largest ocean carriers. Contracting space allocations on a variety of routes to manage capacity to meet the demands of our customer base. Access to a global network, service reliability and industry leading IT solutions ensure we identify the best shipping solution for your business.Whether you are shipping a large volume of full containers, a few cubic metres, or non-containerised cargo, CFR Line will have a solution for your business.


FCL is generally the fastest and most efficient way to move products and involves shipping a full container as a single unit.Shipping full container volumes makes up the majority of CFR Line’s sea freight service.


LCL involves the movement of freight which does not fill a container. Freight is consolidated with other cargo destined for the same region. Maximising space in the container provides our customers with a cost effective shipping solution by gaining economies of scale.


NCL covers the handling of goods which cannot be loaded into a standard container such as, over-sized and out of gauge cargo. Our experienced team at CFR Line  are experts in finding solutions and meeting the specialised handling requirements of non-containerised and project cargo.

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